The story so far…

The Group Hug originally started out as ‘The Ascot and Sunninghill First Wives Club’, it was just a local Facebook Group and was founded on 26th February 2017 when I wrote:

“You know the feeling, you are divorced, or getting divorced…The dinner party invitations have dried up, you are seen as a ‘threat’ to every husband in the country, by every wife.

​I was fed up with being excluded, especially as I always used to be the social organiser for my friends when I was married. As soon as I became single, suddenly I was discarded.

​New beginnings!

Our new brand – April 2019

​So, from humble beginnings, in April 2019 ‘The First Wives’ was rebranded to become ‘The Group Hug’. It’s no longer a local coffee meet-up group, it’s a much larger, UK wide, online support group for men and women;

See our local Group Hug pages

We signpost people going through divorce, separation or bereavement to the support they need to get them through difficult times and into a positive new life.

We feature in The Media!

Read the blogs and articles, connect with others in one of the chatrooms or speak to an expert via The Hug Directory

You may be getting divorced, or have been through it. Maybe you are widowed or have simply never found the right person. Your ‘children’ may be young adults, off to University and you are dealing with empty nest syndrome?

Whatever it is, we are all here to support each other.

​We have a safe and anonymous space to talk freely in our forum. Simply change your real name to a posting name. We have experts who drop into the chats to answer questions from time to time.

You can get in touch with us via the live chat too. You should see the icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen right now.

The Team is myself, Co-Director Seb and the lovely Gina who looks after our social media posts….

Ali March – Founder

​Ali xxx
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