HRT is Hot Topic as Law Firm Offers to Pay Staff Prescriptions

A North West law firm which features in The Hug Directory is backing their female staff by offering to pay any HRT prescription costs in order to help their female employees through this time in their lives.

From this April Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers, a law firm based across three offices in North Manchester, will pay for any HRT medication needed by staff and have developed a menopause policy to share across the firm from this spring.

“Around 78% of our staff are female and we want to give our employees the confidence to come forward if any issues surrounding the menopause are affecting them and be assured that they will be dealt with in a sympathetic, understanding and above all professional manner,” said Pearson Director and Practice Manager, Joanne Ormston.

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Menopause investment

As well as paying all HRT prescription costs for staff, the Oldham based firm is also investing in training teams on understanding the menopause and how it might affect their colleagues.  They are also having a point of contact for staff and someone to talk to in the first instance, as well as developing a menopause friendly workspace.

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“Whilst the symptoms may vary we realise it can be a tough time and want to take practical steps to help our staff.  This involves not only paying for any HRT, but also making any adjustments to make our workplace a kinder place to be,” added Joanne.

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“We want a culture where all our staff can talk openly about issues affecting them and can seek support when such issues affect their working lives.    With this in mind, we have developed a Menopause Policy setting out further information about the possible effects of menopause, where to seek support and advice on external sources of guidance.”

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The costs

It is a topic which has hit the headlines recently with Labour MP Carolyn Harris seeking a private members bill to abolish charges for hormone replacement therapy.  HRT medication is currently free in Wales and Scotland, but in England it costs £9.34 for each prescription item.

Conservative MP Caroline Nokes, chair of the women and equalities select committee has praised Pearson Solicitors’ stance on this: “There are many good employers who are doing their utmost to support employees going through the menopause.  It is so important we keep talking about it and beat down the stigma and taboo around the menopause.”

It is reckoned that 1.6m sick days are lost every year, with an estimated 900,000 women leaving work, many at the peak of their careers, entirely due to the impact of the menopause.

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“Alongside our flexible working and family-friendly policies it makes absolute sense to support our staff through this period in their lives, they bring a wealth of experience to our business and we don’t want to lose their input so anything we can do to help makes sense,” added Joanne.

Find out more about Pearson Solicitors via The Hug Directory – their services include divorce and separation, inheritance and will disputes.

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